Through The Eyes of Picasso

Through the Eyes of Picasso is a monumental exhibition of the work and collection of Picasso spanning his entire career. This exhibition is only on view in three locations in the US and Canada and marks a special tribute to the savant artist of the 20th century.


What I love most about this exhibition is it's curation. Not only does the exhibit feature original paintings, drawings, prints, and ceramic work by the artist - but it also outlines his life and career. In addition to his personal work, it also includes a photography collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of this famed artist and also his collection of African and Iberian masks which largely influenced his work.


Seeing one of his cubist guitar sculptures, which was groundbreaking at the time of creation, was an extraordinary experience. I have only seen one of these sculptures before several years ago at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


Seeing his personal collection of African masks and artifacts side-by-side to his work gave a whole new context into understanding his ouvure. 


His range of work is astounding, such diversity in his choice of color, medium, stylization, and form.


The details from his lithographic prints is something that must be experienced in person. His use of form, line, and gesture truly broke the formal tradition of European art.


Be sure to check out Through The Eyes of Picasso at the Nelson-Atkins of Museum of Art - on display now through April 8, 2018.