Venus Retrograde and Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on October 24, 2018 at around 11 am Central Time.

Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio/ Libra from October 5, 2018 to November 15, 2018.

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on November 7, 2018 at around 10 am Central Time.

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Hello Freaks and Ghouls,

This is Mark Allen writing to you for a very special astrology report. I have been playing around with video and blog posts for astrology over the past several months but have decided to make more regular postings for my internet friends who have many questions about the stars. First things first, I must remind everyone a very important adage that has stuck with me over the 4 years I have been studying the heavens : “The stars incline, they do not compel.” For those who freak out when Mercury or other planets are in retrograde, FEAR NOT! Yes, things can go haywire, but everything that occurs, especially if you are aware of its function, is beneficial to your personal spiritual evolution.

You see, the stars are like a giant clock, punctuating time and space and describing the archetypical procession of our personal and collective evolution. The inner planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars affect us personally. The transitive planets Jupiter and Saturn affect us both personally and collectively. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto affect us collectively and generationally, describing large sections of the population given their slower speeds around the sun.


What is a retrograde? If you were to watch the movement of the planets over time, you will notice that at certain points they appear to stop (station) and then move backwards in the sky from their usually trajectory. This is because the transit of our own planet Earth passes between that planet and the sun, or visa versa, and from our perspective here it appears they move backwards. They then move direct when the orbits are “normalized” and begin moving in their regular movement across the heavens.

Right now we are in a phase of Venus Retrograde which only occurs every 18 months or so, much rarer than Mercury retrograde which happens about 3 times a year. So what happens when a planet goes retrograde? Well, I like to use the analogy of a train that is moving fast, then suddenly stops, and then moves backwards in the opposite direction. If you are standing and not holding onto a bar, youre going to get knocked over from the energetic shift. Now if you are prepared for the lurch (meditation helps) you’re not going to get knocked down as intensely. BUT, were all on this train together and there’s no way to avoid this energy shift.

 Transit of Venus, every 8 years Venus forms a 5-pointed star in the sky.

Transit of Venus, every 8 years Venus forms a 5-pointed star in the sky.

Venus rules luxury items, art, beauty, romance, style, and the heart. She rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, and is not as comfortable in Scorpio. Scorpio can be dirty for its all about Sex, Death, and Regeneration symbolized by the Phoenix, the Eagle, the Scorpion, and the Snake. When a planet goes retrograde, its energies move inward and affect us personally. During this period we may notice things we haven’t noticed before, our schedules may change, we may not find the same attributes as attractive anymore. If you are partnered this can go one of two ways: you may determine that your partner is not as beautiful on the inside (even though they may be gorgeous) and that inward beauty is becoming more important to you, OR you may begin to notice the inward beauty more even though your partner may be loosing hair or gaining weight, etc. and thats ok because their inward beauty will last longer anyway. If you are single, you may notice the destructive patterns of behaviors you have been engaging with in your dating life, and shifting your focus on what you are seeking in a partnership. It is not recommended to start a new relationship at this time and most definitely do not reignite an old flame from the past. Why? Because it may feel hot and heavy now, but when Venus goes direct the flame may dim, you may lose interest, or they may lose interest in you. The ancient Chaldeans and priests recommended that single folk remain celibate during this time of Venus retrograde for these reasons. I simply recommend you protect yourself and take extra precautions in regards to love and beauty and romance situations.

All retrogrades are like tests, they are going over the lessons we have learned as the planet retraces its steps in the sky. What have you learned over the past two months about love and life? What new things have you found beauty in? Whatever the focus of your life has been, we are going over it three times so it will be solid in our conscious memory. Take time to meditate and contemplate your talents, how you personally create art and beauty. Are you an artists? Trick question, EVERYONE IS! Our highest evolutionary calling is to be creative and in doing so create beauty from ugly or raw materials. Dancing, singing, painting, drawing, filmmaking, writing, documenting, storytelling, speaking, engaging - these are all creative gifts that bring beauty to the human experience. Revisit old crafts or projects that you may have left behind, you will gain a new insight and understanding of what these gifts you have truly can accomplish. You’ll find that by sharing these gifts instead of hiding them away to yourself is not only going to brighten others experience, but the praise and admiration you receive will encourage you to create even more. Take that pent up sexual energy and focus it on your personal projects instead of seeking romance from others. Romance yourself! Take yourself on a nice date to the art museum or concert. Spend time alone telling yourself how much you love yourself and are proud of your accomplishments. Its ok to love yourself and love what you create! Theres a big difference between self love and narcissism. This isn’t a competition, there is no need to compare yourself to others in any way. Notice how far you have personally evolved and be excited about all the new things you can create now that you have the self confidence to achieve what you didnt think was possible before.


The Full moon in on October 24th at 11 central time, exactly as I am writing this post. I wanted to write it sooner and publish my video sooner but a lot of things happened. My car started acting up and is currently in the shop and my SD card for my camera became corrupted and I had to spend hours figuring out how to recover the data that I thought was lost. Luckily I was able to download a program (which unfortunately wasn’t free) but now I am more confident in my technical abilities and I appreciate the photos I was able to save even more. AND I know exactly what to do if something like this happens in the future and I will no longer use old SD cards that have been worn and tattered. My photos are too valuable to me to put them on risky or damaged SD cards.

Also, exactly when Venus stationed retrograde, the building next to our studios in Crossroads KC suddenly collapsed. Our building is fine but we aren’t able to work from there until further notice. These situations have definitely shaken my day-by-day routine but thats ok! I am learning to go with the flow, follow the energy where it takes me, and exploring new parts of the city and new places to work from I haven’t considered before.

This Full Moon, which the effects can be felt a couple days before and after, is in Taurus, directly opposite all the activity happening in Scorpio. We have The Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all in Scorpio right now, meaning this is a time to really rise from the proverbial ashes of our lives. What have you given up or removed from your life this past year? What struggles have you experienced? What changes have you made?

A Full Moon is a great time to release old patterns, thoughts, emotions, people, and situations that no longer serve you. It is also an excellent time to harvest and reap the rewards from your labor over the past moon cycle and past 6 months since the New Moon was in Taurus. We are harvesting not only crops but also seeds to plant the next new moon. Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished. With Jupiter (expansion) and Mercury (thoughts and words) and Venus (beauty and love) and the Sun (our personal ego self) in Scorpio, I interpret this as the following: WE ARE COMING INTO FULL AWARENESS OF OUR PERSONAL TALENTS AND ABILITIES. WE ARE EXPANDING OUR UNDERSTANDING OF BEAUTY AND CREATION. WE ARE LEARNING NEW ASPECTS OF OURSELVES. WE ARE GAINING BEAUTY AND LIGHT. WE ARE SHEDDING OUR SKIN AND ARE BORN AGAIN.

This Full Moon which is in Taurus is a very earthy sign. She is paired with Uranus which is retrograde at the first degrees of Taurus which is explosive energy, new insights, breakthroughs and discoveries. I interpret this as such: WE ARE OPEN TO EXPANSIVE BREAKTHROUGHS. WE ARE GROUNDED IN OUR ENERGIES AND READY TO TAKE ON THE PRESENT. THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE. WE CAN FEEL EVERY MOMENT BEFORE US, DIFFERENT AND CHANGING, GROWING AND EVOLVING.

If you are looking for a ritual to celebrate the Full Moon there are a few things you can do. My favorite is Fire Work which can be processed in a number of ways. On the Full Moon this evening, if you can be outdoors viewing her beauty, take a pen and paper and write down all the parts of yourself you are releasing or leaving behind. For instance, you could write “I am releasing the relationships that no longer serve me and leaving room for new positive relationships. I am releasing negative thoughts about myself in order to make room for uplifting and encouraging behaviours. I am releasing the need to please others and finding pleasure in my talents and abilities.” Fold the paper a few times facing away from you, and burn that sucker to ashes! Take the ashes and either put it in a potted plant, bury it, or throw it in running water. You can even flush it, dispose of it however you’d like.

If you have crystals this is a great time to charge them. Take a bowl of water with a pinch of salt ,and Florida water if you have any, and dip your crystals in the water a few times, actively releasing any energies attached to them. Leave them to dry in the moon light over night if you can and pick them up in the morning, fully charged with powerful Full Moon energy! To make Moon water which can be used for a number of things, leave a bowl of fresh water and a pinch of salt out in the moonlight as well to charge. Store this water in a glass or metal container (plastic is ok but not the best) and save that water for uses throughout the month or year. You can put it in a spray bottle, clean crystals with it, wash yourself with it, do whatever you’d feel comfortable with. Enjoy this Full Moon and make it your own!

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