Expressive and Creative Experiences by Mark Allen

Hello Lead Bank,

First, I must say that it has been a pleasure joining your institution this past year. Kassi is a good friend of mine and was my personal banker/teller at another bank for several years. After that bank sold and was no longer local, I made the search to find another true local bank and am grateful to have a place like Lead Bank in the Crossroads.

To keep the momentum going, I created this Pineapple Selfie Backdrop for First Fridays at our studio. Combined with my Pineapple Glasses and Pineapple Doctor's Coat, people enjoyed becoming fully immersed in my Pineapple Wonderland.

I would love the opportunity to bring this Pineapple experience to Lead Bank for a week, and allow people to become their true Pineapple Selfies.

pineapple selfie 7.jpg
pineapple selfie 16.jpg

In addition to the Pineapple Experience, I also have a few ideas for taking this Selfie Experience further, promoting the Lead Bank brand while also creating an immersive experience for people to enjoy. Here is a sample design for the backdrop. I chose the Chess board to further the Lead Bank branding. Black and white was also one of the most popular selfie stations at the Selfie Boutique. With the logo included, the branding will extend to all of the followers each Selfie poster has.

lead bank design.jpg

Other marketing ideas: Shirts, Stickers, phone cases, special debit cards, etc.

lead bank shirt design.jpg
debit 2.jpg
card 1.jpg


Due to demand from my friends, family, and followers I am starting to offer art classes at my studio in the crossroads including watercolors, acrylics, screenprinting, photography, and live drawing. I would love to offer a free art class for Lead Bank, perhaps monthly or bi-monthly depending on size, scale, and demand.

Arte Noir

I am also one of the directors/ organizers of a fashion event called Arte Noir that will be held on September 13 at the Gown Gallery in the crossroads. This is our second contemporary fashion/ art event. We are currently looking for sponsors and partners, especially those located in the crossroads. For more information visit this link: