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On Sunday, April 29, the Moon is Full in the sign of Scorpio. What does this mean? When the Moon is Full, energy is brought to a maximum, many times pushing our limits on our abilities to handle the intensity of light in our lives. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and regeneration symbolized by the Scorpion, the Phoenix, and the Eagle. Each are totems of strength in their own right.


When becoming aware of the Moon cycles, it is important to find a meditative space to contemplate this time and direct your energies towards your goals and ambitions you have for the next cycle. The New Moon in Taurus will be on May 15, which will be a very grounding times to till the soil and plant seeds of growth for the summer growing cycle. As we come into the Full Moon, it is important to find your meditative center and discover how you have grown and evolved over the past year, and since the New Moon in Scorpio last October. In the past 6 months, how have you purged negative belief patterns? How have you grown from negative experiences? How have you gained strength through trials and tribulations? What do you need to release and remove from your life in order to maintain your personal peace? As the Moon wanes to New, each day offers a way to release this energy, burning away our past and fertilizing the soil for our new seeds of hope. Dreams will be especially potent and telling at this time. Dream journaling and divination is encouraged at this time. If consulting a reader, be sure to trust your intuition, not everyone may have your best interest in mind. No reading or divination will ever give you the full pictures, only visions and images that will help bring positive change into your life. 


For those born in the years 1983-1995, you are part of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. Those born of this generation are responsible for burning away the structures of society that no longer serve our best collective interests, purging us of old patterns of belief. This generation is naturally psychic and aware, many finding interest in divinatory arts such as tarot, astrology, numerology etc. If you are born in this generation, this  


Depending on your personal sign, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be highlighting a different house of your chart. If you know your ascendant and moon sign you can also read for those signs as well.


ARIES: This Full Moon is highlighting your 8th house of sex, death, and regeneration. It is also a house of clairvoyance and psychic awareness and joint ownership of money and possessions. If any of these aspects are being brought into the personal spotlight of your life, it is important to address how this effects your emotional, spiritual, and mental well being. What are you willing to let go of in order to bring regeneration of spirit into your life? Perhaps there are toxic partnerships that are being tested at this time. Trust that your intuition will be heightened and your inner being will guide you towards the best solution to any conflict or issues you may have at this time.


TAURUS: This Full Moon is highlighting your 7th house of marriage, partnerships, and contracts.  Have you recently gotten married or started a business partnership with someone? Have you been questioning a contract that you have signed? Perhaps your signed a contract during mercury retrograde and you are now discovering that your are doing more that was in your job description. This Full Moon is highlighting how you participate in partnerships with others, good or bad, and determining behavior that needs to change in order to create more harmony in your relationships, or perhaps a situation has occurred that makes you question whether to stay or whether to leave. Whatever the situation, you are being tested to maintain your composure. Those who stay calm in the face of adversity are respected for their astute self-control.


GEMINI: This Full Moon is highlighting your 6th house of daily work, routines, diet, quality, and employees. If a situation has recently occurred our been brought to the surface in one of these areas, it is a sign of the need for a change of routine in someway. Are you ready to improve your habits and behavior in order to maintain a higher vibrational frequency? Are you aware of patterns of behavior that you wish to change or improve upon? If a situation has repeated itself several times over, it needs to be addressed now in order for more harmonious circumstances in the future. Sometimes things can spiral our of control, but sometimes these situations could have been prevented had parameters and boundaries been set previously.


CANCER: This Full Moon is highlighting your 5th house of children, creativity, love affairs, enjoyment, and romance. How are you enjoying yourself? Are you taking time to have fun, create, and enjoy life? Have you been partying a little too hard? Fun, laughter, and creativity are essential components to happiness and without setting aside quality time for your personal enjoyment, other ares of your life can suffer. Be sure to take time during this Full Moon writing, creating music, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, or whatever creative avenues you choose to discover. Take time to smell the roses and cherish the sunshine. Reconnect with your inner-child and sense of play. Creative solutions are favored at this time.


LEO- This Full Moon is highlighting your 4th house of home, parents, base of consciousness, and foundational structure. How is your home life? How is your relationship with your parents? How is your foundation? It is important for Leo's to find comfort in their home life. Perhaps redecorating is in order, or moving around some furniture for some spring-time Feng Shui. Put up some new art on the walls, wash your bed sheets, cut some wildflowers for your kitchen or bedroom. Our nest is important to our well-being, and creating a safe space for yourself allows you to separate yourself from the chaotic energy of the outside world. Take time to relax and settle into your space - build upon a strong foundation.


VIRGO: This Full Moon is highlighting your third house of communications, short travels, siblings, and transportation. If you haven't spoken to a sibling in a while, be sure to reach out and reconnect. Coming out of Mercury Retrograde recently, you may have had some communication errors you are now correcting. Are you planning a short-distance trip? Are you planning on writing a blog post or novel? These things are favored at this time and highlight aspects of your life you want to improve upon. Perhaps this Full Moon is asking you to purge any self-criticisms you may have in order to forge ahead. Communicate what is on your mind, stream of consciousness will be flowing at this time for you.


LIBRA: This Full Moon is highlighting your 2nd house of money, possessions, value, and hidden talents. How do you value yourself and your time? Are you realizing you are worth more than you are being paid? Is there a new talent you have discovered in yourself that could bring some extra cash into your life? Are your valuing your time and energy? Or have you been doing too much pro-bono work for friends? This Full Moon is showing you what you are truly worth and guiding you into a direction or capitalizing on your abilities. Take time during this Full Moon to address your schedule and see where most of your energy is flowing. What feels good and what no longer serves you? Have some people taken advantage of your time, energy, or resources? Use this Full Moon to energize you and find ways to work smarter, not harder.


SCORPIO: This Full Moon is highlighting your first house of identity, the self, the body, and initiation. How have you grown over the past year? Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the qualities you are proud of. Acknowledge your personal growth and how you want to continue this evolutionary period in your life. How are you a different person than 1 year ago? How have you changed since childhood? This is a good time to initiate new personal projects, especially ones focused on self-improvement. Your dreams will be heightened at this time, a connection to your inner self. Take time to meditate and spend time with yourself. Make a list of qualities you like about yourself, and areas of your life you would like to improve upon. With Jupiter also in Scorpio. your sense of self is expanding and evolving.


SAGITTARIUS: This Full Moon is highlighting your 12th house of self-undoing, subconscious, spiritual breakthroughs, and habits. You will be somewhat tested at this time, being faced with habits or addictions that are not serving your best interest. Perhaps a situation seems to be falling apart, but do no lose hope. This is happening because the universe is providing a way to escape from people or experiences that are no longer good for you. Do you have a habit you need to quit? Is there something about your life you would like to change? This is a great time to address yourself and determine what needs to be released. Spend time in meditation, calming the mind and soothing your soul. Times may seem tough, but a spiritual breakthrough is on the horizon. Creative solutions are available for those who seek to use the incredible capacity of the mind.


CAPRICORN: This Full Moon is highlighting your 11th house of community, large groups, friends, goals, and ambitions. Saturn is also in its natural home of Capricorn, bringing structured energy to the mix. What goals and ambitions do you have in regards to society as a whole? Where do you fit in with the herd? How do you communicate with your coworkers, classmates, or friend group? This Full Moon asks you to step up your responsibilities. What role do you play well? How can you use your connections and friendships to get ahead? Networking is favored at this time. If you have a large goal in mind, reach out to friends and mentors who can help guide you in whatever you wish to achieve.


AQUARIUS: This Full Moon is highlighting your 10th house of status, honor, prestige, reputation, and profession. During this time, it is important to maintain composure if facing difficult situations or personalities. Your honor is on the line, and how you choose to react says a lot about your character. Others are watching your every move, seeing how to respond to challenges. Your achievements are also being highlighting, take time to bask in what you have accomplished. Find pride in who you are and how far youve come. Where are you going from here? Some are being promoted to higher ranks because those above have recognized their true abilities. Perhaps you have recently won an award or hit a new personal best. Take time to appreciate those who helped you reach this point, and be sure to remain humble and respect those who may be below you in status or rank. We are constantly climbing to new heights, its not about speed but about endurance. 


PISCES: This Full Moon is highlighting your 9th house of philosophy, religion, higher learning, ethics, morals, and long journeys. Perhaps something in your life has you questing what is right and what is wrong. Your moral compass is being fined tuned. It is important to listen to how you feel in regards to heavy choices. You may be going through a moment of existential questioning. Why am I here? What is my purpose? If you have wanted to learn a new skill, education is favored at this time. Do you want to go back to school? Are you yearning from good conversations with wise souls? Reach out to a mentor for advice. Sometimes we have to go very deep into our soul in order to make the right decision. This lunation asks you to search for the truth. Sometimes we have to question old beliefs we have in order to move forward in a positive direction. Research philosophy on youtube for some quick overviews of some amazing thinkers who have come before us.


Thank you for reading. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions.


With love and light,


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